What is the best color for hair recommended by a blonding specialist?

What is the best color for hair recommended by a blonding specialist?

It is said by the famous Coco Chanel, that a woman who changes her hair is about to change her life. Bres Beauties also believe in constant and evolving change. As a blonding specialist, being a great colorist means being creative, staying up to date on the latest hair techniques and trends, and investing in higher learning in order to advance in the hair styling fashion and industry. Without further ado, here are the best colors for hair from Bres Beauties to you!

  1. Dark Honey Blonde Hair

As the saying goes, blondes have more fun! If you want to stick to a classic pick, this creamy honey-blonde hue is the perfect option for those who want to dip their toes into the blonde waters while avoiding insane maintenance that often comes with a lighter honey blonde hair hue. Dark Honey Blonde hair looks absolutely stunning against any skin tone against olive and deep skin tones.

2. Glossy-Brown is the new black!

Shades of brown hair are no less exciting or intriguing than blonde shades. The glossy-brown hair blend is super-rich and all about shine and dimension. It provides a nice contour to your face and highlights your best features. This chocolate lush pick suits olive or dark skin tones!

3. Golden Highlights

Warm-up your appearance and get your glow on with golden hair highlights. The golden accent locks creates a youthful radiance and perfectly complements light to deep black skin tones. If you are not ready to commit to an all-over blonde hair color, adding some blonde sheer dimension to your mane will definitely do the trick to help you decide on your next hair appointment.

4. Silver-Blonde for that platinum-esque look!

The shade of blonde with silver undertones is sure to be a rising star and staying power in the popular hair trends in the next coming months.  The slight metallic shimmer from the silver tones leads to a more modern holographic hue. It’s the perfect shade to dip your toe into the ice-queen realm. We at Bres Beauties, recommend to use a purple shampoo to keep your color bright and lasting.

5. Lilac

Who says this pastel color works only for spring or summer days? You can definitely sport this flattering shade in winter! If you have a taste for fashion hair color, then it’s time to hop on the lilac hair bandwagon. This gorgeous light purple tone is fair yet versatile and looks pretty no matter how the hair is styled. At Bres Beauties, we encourage you to do a weekly color-correcting mask to neutralize brassy hair tones.

6. Caramel Highlights

Delicious caramel hues are incredibly enticing which makes it an excellent choice for highlights, downlights, and dip dyes. Caramel highlights on medium brown or blonde offers soft flows of a few congenial tones, which results in a sophisticated and exclusive hair color. Stay on the hair color trend and combine a chocolate-brown color base with caramel highlights. Bres Beauties ladies should keep their new highlights looking glossy with a lightweight hair mist that creates a high-gloss finish while taming stubborn frizz and flyaways.

7. Dip-Dye

Dip-Dye ends is a salon statement and a classic two-tone colouring technique that is definitely the cooler version of the ones you tried to recreate in your kitchen using Kool-Aid! This unique hair dip is the perfect way to add a bright color to your look without having to dye your entire hair. Styling this hair color trend the Bres Beauties way, is to bump the ends with a curling wand to give your hair volume and a cute shape.

8. Chocolate-Brown

Want to go brunette? Give your hair some depth by going in for an astonishing and deep chocolate brown shade. Chocolate brown hair resembles shades of a lovely, smooth, rich, and delicious chocolate candy. Let your natural beauty shine through with fabulous chocolate brown hair! Bres Beauties best product recommendation to maintain this dark hue to keep from fading are: sulfate-free shampoo, sulfate-free cleanser, toning drops, and chocolate conditioning color.

9. Rich-Red like the bottoms of your loubutins!

From natural strawberry red to copper to reach auburn, and bright red ruby tones, red hair is always a statement and a head-turning choice. Exude a fiery energy with scarlet red strands that is sure to be red-carpet ready! This rich color looks beautiful on warm undertones because it warms up your skin without washing you out. Bres Beauties hair maintenance tip for this vivid pick is to lather your hair with sulfate-free shampoo to keep it vibrant like you are!

10. Shadow Roots

Overgrown hair roots look unattractive and messy. Shadow hair color is the coolest winter hair color trend if you want to try something new and leave traditional single-process hair color behind. It’s downright beautiful, budget-friendly, and low maintenance. The shadow roots route gives your hair color contrast, depth, and a multi-dimensional look you have been trying to achieve and searching for.